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Kalumburu on the Mitchell Plateau off the Gibb River Road

The rivers cliff faces contain  Indigenous Australian art known as Bradshaw paintings Kind Edward River ©
About Kalumburu on the Mitchell Plateau off the Gibb River Road in the Kimberley's in Western Australia
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About the Mitchell Falls on the Mitchell Plateau off the Gibb River Road in the Kimberley's in Western Australia
• The Kimberley in Australia is one of the last true wilderness areas on Earth, with rustic unique outback landscapes and landmarks billions of years in the making. Covering app 423,000 square kilometres in north Western Australia and with a population of less than 40,000 people, it’s here you’ll encounter some of the most extraordinary outback adventuresand folks in Australia. Discover ancient gorge country with hikes and trekking a must in planning your Kimberley vacation to enormous cattle stations, pristine coastline and sandy beaches, to one of the oldest cultures on the planet and the world’s only horizontal waterfalls.

Self drive along the Gibb River Road from Broome or Darwin is a Australia four wheel drive hire camper or wagon. The Gibb River Road was initially constructed as a beef road to transport cattle from the surrounding stations to the ports of Derby and Wyndham.It spans some six-hundred and seventy kilometres from Derby to the junction of the Great Northern Highway between Wyndham and Kununurra.

Kalumburu and the Mitchell Plateau

Mitchell River National Park is a national park in the Kimberley region of Western Australia (Australia), 2,140 kilometres (1,330 mi) northeast of Perth. The park adjoins the northern boundary of the Prince Regent Nature Reserve. The nearest towns are Derby which is 350 kilometres (217 mi) to the southwest and Wyndham which is 270 km (168 mi) to the southeast. Access to the park is achieved by 4WD only along the Mitchell Plateau Track from the Kalumburu Road. The two main features of the park are Mitchell Falls and Surveyors Pool. The park is biologically significant and contains over 50 species of mammal, 220 birds and 86 amphibians and reptiles, including the Saltwater Crocodile, King Brown snake and Taipan. © source and courtesy of wikipedia.org


Kalumburu is located on the banks of the King Edward River in the far north of the Kimberley region of Western Australia. This location was chosen because of the abundance of fresh water and is only 15 kms from where the river empties into Napier Broome Bay.

Access may be gained to Kalumburu by gravel road during the dry season only. It is some 550 kms from Kununurra in the south east and 650 kms from Derby in the south west. In addition, light aircraft access from Kununurra or Wyndham is provided all year round, thanks to an excellent airstrip at Kalumburu. Both these towns are some hour and a half flying time.

The area experiences what is described as a dry, tropical climate, with a cool, dry winter (May - September) and a wet, humid summer (October - April). The average "wet season" rainfall is 48 inches and is received as monsoon and thunderstorm downpours.

The community of Kalumburu is populated by approximately 400 people, mainly of aboriginal decent. There are approximately 25 non aboriginal residents who, together with those at the Mission, provide essential services such as schooling, a health clinic, a self service store and power and water.

Many tourists visit Kalumburu together with service providers and government personnel, swelling the population, especially during the dry season. There is a regular, twice a week mail service. A health clinic is staffed permanently by two nursing sisters and a doctor visits the town once a week. Eye specialists, dentists and other professionals also make regular visits to Kalumburu. Radio and television are also transmitted to the town. Entry Permits are required for transit through Aboriginal Reserves, including Kalumburu, and can be obtained from the Department of Indigenous Affairs. Permits can be applied for online under the Entry Permits section.

Mitchell Falls

One of the references to Mitchell falls walks on the Mitchell Plateau is at www.gibbriverroad.net. Travelling time: 1-2 days from Derby, Fitzroy Crossing or Kununurra.The plateau is 350 kilometres north east of Derby and 270 kilometres north west of Wyndham by air. Vehicle access is via the Mitchell Plateau track (4WD only) from the Kalumburu Road, 172 kilometres north of the Gibb River Road junction. The track may have washouts and corrugations so drive with extreme care. Tracks north of the airstrip are rough while track north of Anuauyu (Surveryors Pool) are very rough and may be impassable. Tracks and raods may be closed during the wet season (November to April seasonal conditions apply). © source | courtesy of www.derbytourism.com.au

Things To Do:
Walking, nature obseravation, scenic helicopter flights. Visitor activities such as guided walks are held periodically: check with the ranger.

Punamii-unpuu - Mitchell Falls Walk
The 6km return walk to Punamii-unpuu (Mitchell Falls) from the camping area is moderate to difficult as it traverses rock terrain. Take care near the many cliffs. The track continues past Little Mertens Falls and Big Mertens Falls.

Aunauyu - Surveyors Pool Walk
It is an easy to moderate 8km return walk to Aunauyu (Surveyors Pool) from the car park. Aunauyu is also an important place for Wunggurr. The big white rocks found there are the eggs of the snake.

Wunambal people know the falls as a powerful place for their Wandjina-Wunggurr law and one of the main homes for Wunggurr. They ask visitors to show respect, approach the area quietly and stop for a moment to think about where they are.


Mitchell Falls Campground

Mitchell River National Park lies in a remote part of the Kimberley and contains majestic waterfalls, Aboriginal rock art and sites of cultural significance to the Wunambal people. It is accessible by four-wheel-drive vehicles only.

There are camping areas with toilets at Munurru (King Edward River Crossing) and at Punamii-unpuu. It is advisable to boil or treat water taken from creeks before drinking. Do not leave food or rubbish unattended where animals can scavenge. Please take your rubbish with you as there is no rubbish collection facility. Collect firewood only from the designated firewood collection zones. Use fuel stoves wherever possible and use firewood sparingly, as dead wood is an important ecological resource. Camp fees are now applicable and collected by Department of Environment & Conservation (DEC) at the King Edward River campground on the road to Mitchell River National Park. These fees will be collected on behalf of the Kandiwal Aboriginal Corporation. Entry fees will be applicable at Mitchell River National Park.

Separated into a generator area and an quiet area. Sites are rather well spaced out with every site a fireplace. There are toilets but no showers we saw.

The helicopter pad and it's reservation booking office is on the perimeter of the camping area. Flights can be arranged there if there is availability.

• Caravans are not permitted due to the road conditions, however off-road camper trailers are allowed.
• Fire rings are provided but collecting wood in the national park is not allowed.
• Limited wood is provided for cooking.
• Please do not bring your own wood as it can spread weed seed and plant disease that can kill native flora.
• Light fires only in fireplaces provided.
• Preferably use your own portable gas or fuel stove. Sealed vault pit toilets are provided.
• Water is available from a stream.
• Water should be boiled before use.
• Freshwater crocodiles are sometimes found in waterways.
• There is a 24-hour self-registration station available.
• Best time to visit: April to mid October.
• Bookings do not apply at this campground.
• It operates on a first come - first served basis.
• Please contact the campground during peak holiday season for availability.
• Holders of Recreation Fishing licences may enter a park at no charge if they are entering for the purpose of their licence - licence to be shown on request.

© source and courtesy of http://parkstay.dpaw.wa.gov.au/

Kalumburu Turn off to Mount Barnett

Where is it? Mt Barnett Roadhouse to Kalumburu is 107.5 klm estimated time 4-6 hours careful driving depending on road conditiond (graded or not and how soon after the wet season). Access to the park is achieved by 4WD only along the Mitchell Plateau Track from the Kalumburu Road. Going to Mitchell Falls allow for overnight camping with no facilities at all there.

Where is it? 578 kilometres from Derby and 458 kilometres from Kununurra.

Mount Barnett Roadhouse

About Mount Barnett Roadhouse in the Kimberley's in Western Australia
• Address: Derby Gibb River Rd, Derby WA 6728, Australia
Phone: +61 8 9191 7007
16' 43'00.2 S
125'55'39.2' E

Mount Barnett Roadhouse is opposite the Kupungarri Community. Mount Barnett Roadhouse is approximatley. 307 klm north of Derby, 400 klm from Kununurra. Turn-off is on the left hand side of the road when travelling north. Mount Barnett Roadhouse fuel supplies (both diesel and unleaded), Hot snacks, ice-creams, telephone, drinking water, ice, toilets, showers, laundry, small store and take-away and general stores, tyre repairs, Camp & entrance fees are payable here to access the 7km long track leading to the Manning Gorge camp site. Barnett River Gorge/Manning Falls and the campsite - gorge and campsite are accessible via this track located 10 metres to the north of the roadhouse.

Upon payment of fee ask for a mud map of the hike/walk to the Upper Manning Gorge where one can engulf themselves in the sights and swim below pristine cooling waterfalls in a large rock pool (be careful when swiming after drinking and eating), maybe you can choise a outback bush campsite alongside the sandy edges of one of the swimming holes.

Contact Information: Phone:(08)9191 7007

Imintji Roadhouse to Mt. Barnett Roadhouse is approx. 78 klm - 86.2 klm (6klm from Station Creek)

Mt Barnett Roadhouse to Kununurra is approx. 400 klm estimated time 10-12 hours careful driving

Mt. Barnett Roadhouse to El Questro Station is approx. 337 klm

Mt. Barnett Roadhouse to Derby is approx.307 klm

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Mertens falls on the Mitchell Plateau©

Little Mertens falls on the Mitchell Plateau ©

Little Mertens falls on the Mitchell Plateau©

Mitchell Plateau Helipad©

Map of Gibb River Road and Western Australia
Approx. Distances from Perth Approx. Distances from Perth
01. Darwin -4040
03. Wyndham -3229
12. Karijini NP - 1400
13. Ningaloo + Coral Bay - Perth-1200Km
14. Monkey Mia - 856
...... Monkey Mia/Shell Beach 100Km Long
...... Monkey Mia/Shark Bay
15. Kalbarri -533
16. Kalgoorlie -596
17. Perth -0
18. Margaret River -277
19. Albany -409
20. Esperance -721
21. Adelaide - Perth 2712
..... Melbourne - Perth -3438
Approx. Distances from Broome (unless stated) Approx. Distances from Broome (unless stated)
1. Darwin -1867Km
2. Katherine -314Km
3. Kununurra -1042Km
3. Kununurra - Darwin -850Km
3. Kununurra - Lake Arglye -79Km
3. Kununurra - NT Border -57Km
3. Kununurra to El Questro -162Km
0. (Gibb River Road 710Km Long)
3. Wyndham -1057Km
4. Mitchell Plateau - Broome - 880km
5. Bungle Bungles - Kununurra -299km
.... (In Purnululu National Park)
.... (Highway to park 53km)

6. Halls Creek -683Km
6. Halls Creek - Kununurra-370Km
7. Fitzroy Crossing -395Km - 7/8 is Tunnel Creek - 380Km
8. Derby -221Km
9. Broome -Cape Leveque - 217Km nth of Broome
10. Port Hedland -597Km
11. Alice Springs to WA Border -740km (Via Tanami Hwy)
12. Exmouth - 1394Km
12. Karijini NP – Broome or nearest main destination -1024km Broome <>Tom Price
13. Ningaloo + Coral Bay - 1110Km Sth Broome
17. Perth - Broome - 2227

Approx. Distances from Perth Approx. Distances from Perth
01. Darwin -4040
03. Wyndham -3229
12. Karijini NP - 1400
13. Ningaloo + Coral Bay - Perth-1200Km
14. Monkey Mia - 856
...... Monkey Mia/Shell Beach 100Km Long
...... Monkey Mia/Shark Bay
15. Kalbarri -533
16. Kalgoorlie -596
17. Perth -0
18. Margaret River -277
19. Albany -409
20. Esperance -721
21. Adelaide - Perth 2712
..... Melbourne - Perth -3438
Please note locations and distances on the map above are approximate locations and measurment of distances. Any maps featured in this website are not to scale and should be used as a guide only.


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